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W is for Well-Being


Traditionally, the PYP exhibition has heavily been centered around NATURE. Really big issues that students really don’t have an impact on. There has been a real shift in recent years. This shift has happened for a number of reasons:

  • teachers are getting better at the PYP exhibition
  • the exhibition has become more personal
  • students are valuing the importance of the self
  • the focus is keeping it simple and realistic

The above image shows that there is a serious tilt towards WELL-BEING. This is best described as:

Our individual health, happiness, education, satisfaction, and fulfillment, as well as the health of our families and primary relationships, and the quality of our living and working environments.”

We have found that the students have been really engaged and empowered because of this shift. One of the most obvious benefits is that well-being is easy to access in the school context and community.

Making the exhibition personally connected and significant has given it real meaning to the students. This is authentic learning!