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Time and Space

A more positive post….. and feeling so much better because of it.

Sam and I ran a Time and Space workshop at Mt. Scopus last month and we shared that anything good we have ever done has come out of a negative situation. We were always able to turn things around to make it work for us. This is another example of turning it around…


We all know meetings are part of any workplace. And there is a place for meetings as they are important – that’s if they are done the right way.

We have a morning briefing every morning. Time: 1 hr and 15 min a week, not including 5 minutes either side. This is just for morning briefing, not including all the other countless meetings.

Today, the Administration were off campus on school-related business and I was asked to ‘run’ the morning briefing. I have been sensing the tension and frustration regarding these meetings as they are seen as dead time.

Time to value time.


I opened the meeting up by stating how important the morning is to prepare, greet students and ease into the day. The morning time sets the pace and tone for the rest of the day. I asked if there were any announcements; however, if anyone wished to share something, it had to have two or more of the following:

  • Affect 50% or more of the people in the room;
  • Impact teaching and/or learning;
  • Be something that would make the day run more smoothly;
  • Be something that we really needed to know.

No one had anything to say. Meeting was closed after 60 seconds which meant we have 14 minutes to just get on with it.

Teachers were in their rooms setting up for the day, as they should. Teachers were greeting and acknowledging kids as they came to class, as they should. Teachers were putting pieces of student work up on display, as they should. This is how precious mornings really are. We get to all the things that we missed the day before or prepare for the first lesson or that meeting in period Two.

I was able to catch up with the Year 3 Teachers and talk about real teaching and learning during this 14 minute window we had ‘dug out’ for ourselves. Everyone’s energy had shifted because our time was freed to do the things that are important. By valuing how we use time we were able to create the space to talk and share.


We need to keep asking ourselves – “Why are we doing this?”

As a school we are going to look at the effectiveness of the morning briefings. A good leadership team will listen, a great one will do something about it. This leadership team is willing to address these meetings. POSITIVE.

If we can’t explain the purpose and it doesn’t make sense – change it. Focus on the things that deserve your attention, time and energy. Your teachers will not only respect you, but follow you!