Upcoming Events

Sam Sherratt

Sam will be in Melbourne from the 17th – 28th of July and will be consulting at Mt. Scopus College and Caulfield Grammar School.

Some of his sessions include:

“Creating a classroom environment that promotes inquiry and student choice”

This is designed to be an intimate session with one to three teachers so that Sam can provide focused and practical help for people seeking to make some changes to their classroom environment. This should involve getting into rooms, moving stuff around, simplifying furniture, reducing teacher-centric materials and considering aesthetics, flow and flexibility.

“Bubblecatchers as Inquiry and Independence Tools”

The “Bubblecatcher” – or notebook – is one of the most powerful tools for developing habits that promote both inquiry and increasing independence. Sam will share some fantastic examples of students’ Bubblecatchers and some strategies and approaches that reveal their potential to teachers. When teachers are aware of what can be done with the simplest of tools – a notebook – it will become a crucial part of their pedagogy.

“Using mindfulness strategies to create the conditions for learning”

Mindfulness is very much an educational “fad” at the moment, but it deserves to be much more than that. With strong and consistent routines, habits and discipline, mindfulness can transform our students’ ability to give attention, to focus and to think. Sam will guide teachers through some of the routines and habits that can make this happen.

“Planning so learning is timely”

Sam will work with teachers in order to evaluate their daily and weekly planning practices and share approaches, habits and tools that can help them, and their students, work in a timely and meaningful way.

“Designing units of inquiry so they belong to students

Sam will work with teachers to look at how units can be planned so that opportunities are consistently sought to “release” them to the students themselves. We will explore tools, strategies and mindsets that help with finding and acting on those opportunities.

“Connecting students’ interests and projects to the Five Essential Elements of the PYP”

Sam will work with teachers interested in introducing a passion project/genius hour/20% time model in their classroom and provide guidance o how to introduce such a model, notice and name and give direction to students using the terminology of the PYP.

Record a “Time Space Education Podcast

Sam will host the recording of a podcast involving pedagogical leaders and/or other people interested in taking part. Prior to recording (at least two days before), we will identify a suitable topic of conversation and do research to “bring to the table”. The podcast will then be available on iTunes for downloading and sharing.

“Capturing learning”

Sam will explore the power of capturing learning, how to do so in ways that are quick, easy and effective and what types of learning could and should be captured. We will look at the use of video, note-taking and Tweets as tools and analyse the pros and cons of each.

“The journey inwards and the journey outwards”

Sam will help teachers understand the importance of having two mindsets for student learning:

  1. Beginning with students’ personal experiences and moving outwards towards an increasingly global view; or
  2. Beginning with a global view and moving inwards to make connections with students personal experiences

We will explore the situations in which either one may be most effective and strategies and tools that can be used to facilitate this type of thinking.

“The power of the Harkness Model” in the primary context

Sam will demonstrate how the Harkness Model can be adapted for use with students of any age and can be an incredibly powerful tool for promoting conversation, teaching the “art of conversation” and documenting student thinking, ideas, questions and misconceptions.