“Authentic professional learning opportunities can often be difficult to arrange when considering the diverse range of teachers we have but this week you have nailed it! Special thanks to Sam and Chad who have been wonderful facilitators, great company and a fountain of educational knowledge.”

Greg Hannon, Head of Primary, Mt. Scopus College, Melbourne, Australia

“The sessions that we spent with Sam were inspiring and definitely moved our thinking forward. Sam gave us the confidence to experiment with new ideas and challenge our previous thinking. The sessions were very engaging and tailored for where we are in our PYP journey.”

Helen Van Styn, Caulfield Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia

“It is rare that we are able to experience professional development of such a meaningful and relevant nature. I have been so impressed with the way Sam and Chad have really made every effort to develop their sessions to meet our needs.”

Claire Gescheit, Year 5 Leader, Mt. Scopus College, Melbourne, Australia

“I have definitely left work today with a buzz, lots of excitement and feeling ready to challenge myself even more. I left tonight’s session feeling that rubric writing was ‘exhilarating’ and I can assure you those two words have never ended up in the same sentence for me in the past!!”

Kara Ngu, Caulfield Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia

“This week with Sam and  Chad the ‘WOW’ factor of  possibilities in helping our students’ learning journeys even further was truly stimulated and heightened. Everything I saw, heard and felt was electric.”

Aviva Janover-Rocha, Teacher, Mt. Scopus College, Melbourne, Australia



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